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This in-person workshop will explore the implications and use of novel technologies (robots, UAVs, etc.) in animal behaviour from three perspectives (discussion themes):








the technology for advancing our understanding on fundamental topics such as mate choice, social learning, and collective behaviours

the use of robots and UAVs for wildlife management and conservation

the possibilities for augmenting physical or mental capabilities of humans and other animals

A panel of invited speakers will give talks around these perspectives and coordinate discussion sessions planned for every afternoon. Participants can contribute to the morning session of each day with a flash talk (5 mins). Because there is time only for a limited number of flash talks per day, priority will be given depending on the relevance of the proposed talk to the theme of each day and its potential contribution to the discussion session.


Participation is free of charge. Online participation will be possible for the morning sessions of each day (keynote and contributed talks).


Registration for in-person participation is now closed. To participate online, please register here.

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